We Shear, Roll And Form Steel, Alloys and Non-Ferrous Metal to meet your needs.  Custom Manufacturing & Repair is our Specialty.


CSI Designs, Builds and Installs Custom Fabricated  Steel Systems, like this Fluidized Bed Elevator, which raises and lowers a 14,000# bed for maintenance.


In many cases CSI can also fabricate and repair difficult to find or out of production items. We also provide manufacturing and assembling of flat steel products utilized in material handling and conveyor systems.


Designed and built by CSI for a Central Indiana grain handler. This 119 discharge 5,000 bushel/hr bucket elevator and 4 compartment storage hopper was fabricated in the CSI Shop for field assembly.  Moving, storing and blending all in one design by a single supplier.


CSI designed and built this 12" dia. x 105 Walking Bin Conveyor which pivots @ the drive and walks around the bin retrieving material to the center discharge.




Whether you look at it from afar or up close, CSI is the fabricator of choice for difficult to accomplish tasks. From screws that transport or screws that elevate to elevators with buckets and inclined belt conveyors, CSI builds and installs custom systems that move material and products from point A to point B.

CSI tools and machinery build simple solutions to complex problems

Comprehensive Custom Fabrication and Repair Capabilities for Steel, Alloys and Non-Ferrous materials as follows:

  • Shearing - 12 ft. lengths and up to 0.25" thickness

  • Forming -12 ft. lengths x 180 ton press brake

  • Rolling - 8 ft. length plate bending rolls

  • Sawing - 12" & 14" maximum

  • Punching - 45 ton maximum

  • Welding - Arc, Mig, Tig and Heliarc

  • Machining - horizontal & vertical milling

  • 18" swing x 72" length lathe machining

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Conveying Systems, Inc.

is a subsidiary of

  Combustion Systems, Inc. 

5701 W. Minnesota Street

Indianapolis, IN  46241

 Phone: (317) 390-1100

Fax: (317) 390-1111

Email: csi@combustionsystemsinc.com


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