System Integration

CSI designs, builds, installs and services completely integrated systems for control and monitoring of combustion process including:

Electric boilers, industrial steam generators, small un-manned boiler
plants, and large and small incinerators.


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CSI sold a Johnston boiler with a Weishaupt burner to an out-of-state brewery.  The boiler replaced one of their existing boilers.  We also provided (3) new Grundfos feedwater pumps with Allen-Bradley VFD's. We designed an Allen-Bradley based PLC & HMI system to control a (3) boiler lead-lag system based on plant steam pressure and a (3) pump feedwater lead-lag system based on pressure.  The PLC system also controls (4) chemical feed pumps. 



CSI sold a Johnston boiler with a Weishaupt burner to an out-of-state university.  The boiler was fitted with a Cannon Boiler Works, Fully Condensing Economizer.  CSI built and provided a pump set skid for the 2nd stage economizer water circulation with Grundfos pumps and VFD's.  CSI fabricated a catwalk for the boiler in our shop, had it shipped to the jobsite and it was installed by others.  Also provided was an Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI based control system to perform many different tasks.  It performs boiler drum level control, turns on and off the economizer pump set (via Modbus) and also monitors the Weishaupt burner (via Modbus).  The PLC also does some intricate calculations that are being used for control of (3) other boilers and is also providing information to the customer's existing Honeywell system (via Modbus).



Two Johnston boilers and Weishaupt  Burners were shipped to our shop.  We fabricated burner mounts and installed the new burners on the boilers.  CSI designed, assembled and installed gas trains for the boiler/burner assemblies.  We also designed and programmed the PLC-based combustion control systems for the same boilers.  These boilers co-fire bio-gas and natural gas.  When assembly was complete, the boilers were loaded on trucks and shipped to our customer, a food manufacturer in Pennsylvania to be installed locally by others.




 Two new boilers were purchased by a contractor and shipped to our shop.



After unloading, they were moved into our shop.


(2) New boilers, burners and controls that were assembled and programmed in our shop and shipped to the end user to burn natural gas and propane.


The burners came with low NOx burners (via flue gas recirculation, FGR) and high efficiency blower motors installed.



Each boiler's panel was modified to include our PLC based control system, programmed and tested prior to shipment.


Along with each boiler's controls, we also provided a Lead-Lag system for these 2 boilers and a future boiler.


We also provided Deaerator controls for a DA provided by the contractor.



When assembly was complete the units were loaded on trucks for their trip to the end user.  After installation, by others, we provided supervision and servicemen for startup and training.





Todd Combustion combination landfill gas / natural gas burner.


The burner was shipped to our facility where we provided components for and assembled the gas trains prior to shipment to our customer.


(2) New burners, gas trains and new controls for retrofit of existing boilers at a local manufacturer.


View of burner internals.


Flame Safety and Combustion Control Panel programmed and assembled in our shop.



Flame Safety panel for control of the PLC based system.



Combustion Control Panel.




Johnston boilers, Ecodyne water softeners and Neptune chemical feed systems sold and serviced by CSI.



Plan view of evaporator showing the stainless steel heater coil.

Side elevation showing the Pyronics TFR burner.

View of top of evaporator showing removable lids, level sensors and a thermocouple used in our control scheme.

Side elevation showing CSI designed and built panel.


Above is an evaporator for reclaiming sediment from washing water designed and built in our shop and installed in our customer's plant by CSI.

Photos of the complete unit assembled, piped, wired and ready for shipment from our facility.



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