System Integration

CSI designs, builds, installs and services completely integrated systems for control and monitoring of combustion process including:

Electric boilers, industrial steam generators, small un-manned boiler
plants, and large and small incinerators.


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Two Johnston boilers and Weishaupt  Burners were shipped to our shop.  We fabricated burner mounts and installed the new burners on the boilers.  CSI designed, assembled and installed gas trains for the boiler/burner assemblies.  We also designed and programmed the PLC-based combustion control systems for the same boilers.  These boilers co-fire bio-gas and natural gas.  When assembly was complete, the boilers were loaded on trucks and shipped to our customer, a food manufacturer in Pennsylvania to be installed locally by others.


Johnston boilers, Ecodyne water softeners and Neptune chemical feed systems sold and serviced by CSI.