The Boiler Consultant TM

Real Time Efficiency Monitoring & Performance Modeling Control System Software Interface Capability


“The Boiler Consultant™” Real Time Efficiency Monitoring & Performance Modeling Control System software provides graphic interface file structure to existing DCS Software packages such as Intellution iFix, Wonderware, Cimplicity and others or “The Boiler Consultant ™ ” complete graphic interface package can be utilized.  In addition to the information described below, the Graphic Displays are also designed to report energy losses in BTU's, dollars, percent of fuel input or percent heat loss, against a baseline.


Information available from "The Boiler Consultant TM"

Continuous calculation of:

Percent Plant Wide Thermal Efficiency

Percent Overall Boiler Efficiency

Percent ASME Boiler Efficiency

Percent Blowdown

Cycles of Concentration

Percent Make-up or Percent Condensate Return

Plant Wide Heat Balance and Heat Losses

Storage & Display of Trends

All calculated and displayed values generated in the firmware are fully accessible from Excel as well as other statistical formats such as SQL.

Alarms and Reports

Alarm parameters may be set for any of the measured or calculated values.

Custom reports can be populated directly from "The Boiler Consultant TM"


"The Boiler Consultant TM" Modular Control Software permits selective implementation and/or upgrading of Boiler Control Functions as required:

* Single Element Control (Drum Level)

* Two Element Control (Drum Level & Steam Flow)

* Three Element Control ( Drum Level, Steam Flow & Feed Water Flow)

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