Below are pictures from current or completed projects by CSI.  We will be updating this page frequently as projects are finished.  Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge.


Below are two new boilers, burners and controls being assembled and programmed in our shop and shipped to the end user to burn natural gas and bio-gas simultaneously thru one burner head.



Two new Johnston Boilers were shipped to our shop.


Two new Weishaupt Burners were shipped to our shop.


We assembled the burners and boilers in our facility.


Combination natural gas and bio-gas train built in our shop, shown above.



PLC based control system programmed and tested prior to shipment.



When assembly was complete the units were moved outside and loaded for their trip to the end user.


Below are two new burners, gas trains and new controls for retrofit of existing boilers at a local manufacturer.




Todd Combustion combination landfill gas / natural gas burner.

The burner was shipped to our facility where we provided components for and assembled the gas trains prior to shipment to our customer.

View of burner internals.

Flame Safety and Combustion Control Panel programmed and assembled in our shop.

Flame Safety panel for control of the PLC based system.

Combustion Control Panel.


Below is an evaporator for reclaiming sediment from washing water designed and built in our shop and installed in our customer's plant by CSI.


Plan view of evaporator showing the stainless steel heater coil.

Side elevation showing the Pyronics TFR burner.

View of top of evaporator showing removable lids, level sensors and a thermocouple used in our control scheme.

Side elevation showing CSI designed and built panel.


Photos of the complete unit assembled, piped, wired and ready for shipment from our facility.


Below is a portable burner system designed and built by CSI for a customer to dry-out relined kilns.


Side view of skid mounted assembly.

Burner head assembly utilizing a Pyronics Flame Retention Nozzle.

Completely assembled packaged burner system.

Control panel designed and built by the CSI Service Department.

Testing of the burner in our shop prior to shipping.


Below are items sold, installed, and serviced by CSI in a customer's powerhouse.


Burnham 500 HP boiler sold and installed for smaller loads.

Ecodyne Reverse Osmosis System sold and installed by CSI.

Todd Combustion burner retrofitted to existing boiler.

Oxygen trim system utilizing a Hays Cleveland AC controller and a Rosemount Oxymitter analyzer.

Hydac continuous surface blow-off on the Burnham boiler.

Rosemount Oxymitter analyzer sold and installed by CSI.
Photos of a heat recovery system designed, fabricated and installed by CSI.


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